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Authentic Media Details

Data is captured by our own data agents & curated by our experts.

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Locate & View media on the google map. Select the most apt media & Save the campaign for monitoring.

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Explore the neighborhood & locate malls, retail stores, restaurants & all around a particular media

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Extensive & authentic information, location & images of the media makes it easy.

We have built a unique, online marketplace that aggregates advertising media across media types, media owners and geographical boundaries. Our solution makes media planning and execution a matter of click of a button. We’re all about unyielding results and authentic information. We present- The Media Map, a tool to help you craft your media plan, not just with Authentic Know-Why but also with Ease.

The Media Map maps all the advertising media and makes it available for you to strategize, plan and implement advertising campaigns. Doesn’t matter who you are! We cater to everyone’s needs -advertisers, advertising agencies, startups, brands and business owners.

Our authentic, well researched and updated information will help you strategize, plan, execute, monitor and analyze advertising campaigns with ease. Our Strength – The Media Map is powered by authentic and reliable information on media alternativescollected by our very own fleet of Data Agents, curated by experts before they go live for you to choose from. When you choose The Media Map, you choose authenticity &convenience to deliver your advertising message without having to step out of your office.

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